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Completed your school audit? What next?

ICTinspires offers two options to support schools in their ICT CPD planning.

Sample Summary ReportOption 1: A static report summarising whole school audit data. This report gives a snapshot of whole school data providing a starting point for improvement and development. Click here to view a sample report.

For this report we make an administrative charge of £25.00 + VAT.  Click here to email your order.

Audit Analysis ToolOption 2: An in-house Excel 2010 based analysis tool which allows schools to dynamically view their data thereby giving much more information and flexibility in ongoing planning. Included in the package are termly updates for a period of one year. This allows schools to develop an ICT CPD plan in-house, carry out further audits and receive data updates to monitor progress. Click here to watch a brief video.

This is charged at £75.00 + VAT for the Curriculum Analysis tool and £75.00 + VAT for the Office and Whiteboard/Media Analysis tool. Any school ordering both modules will be charged one price of £125.00 + VAT. Click here to email your order.

Having a summary report of both completed audits will give Head Teachers a clear picture of ICT strengths within the school and highlight areas for development. To further support whole school CPD planning ICTinspires recommend ICT Skills Audit Analysis an Excel 2010 based product which starts where your on-line audits finish by providing schools with a complete database of their staff skills and the tools to analyse and view the data to structure a training and development programme.

In addition, ICTinspires can provide guidance and support at any stage of the process. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please contact



ICT Skills Audit Analysis

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